1. Remuneration
2. Salary
3. Wage
4. Earnings
5. Compensation
6. Pay
7. Stipend
8. Income
9. Reward
10. Salaries
11. Allowance
12. Wages
13. Gains
14. Perquisites
15. Bonuses
16. Paycheck
17. Returns
18. Recompense
19. Salarium
20. Payout
21. Salary packet
22. Pay package
23. Pay envelope
24. Remunerative
25. Recompensation
26. Pay-off
27. Pay rise
28. Pay hike
29. Pay slip
30. Paystub

When it comes to managing employee finances, one of the most important concepts is the payroll. This is the total amount of money that an employer pays their employees for services rendered. Finding the right words to describe payroll can be difficult, but there are plenty of synonyms available. Some of the best ideas include remuneration, salary, wage, earnings, compensation, pay, stipend, income, reward, salaries, allowance, wages, gains, perquisites, bonuses, paycheck, returns, recompense, salarium, payout, salary packet, pay package, pay envelope, remunerative, recompensation, pay-off, pay rise, pay hike, pay slip, and paystub. Using these words can help to make the concept of payroll easier to understand and more accessible to all.