1. Design
2. Arrangement
3. Configuration
4. Layout
5. Sequence
6. Structure
7. Blueprint
8. Motif
9. Model
10. System
11. Grid
12. Format
13. Organization
14. Template
15. Sketch
16. Plan
17. Network
18. Sketch
19. Graph
20. Chart
21. Diagram
22. Schematic
23. Contour
24. Profile
25. Outline
26. Framework
27. Skeleton
28. Figure
29. Scheme
30. Order

Are you looking for the best ideas to find a synonym for the word “pattern”? Whether you are a student, a teacher, or a professional, it can be difficult to find the right words to describe a pattern. Thankfully, there are plenty of other words for “pattern” that can help you to express yourself more accurately. Synonyms for “pattern” include design, arrangement, configuration, layout, sequence, structure, blueprint, motif, model, system, grid, format, organization, template, sketch, plan, network, graph, chart, diagram, schematic, contour, profile, outline, framework, skeleton, figure, scheme, and order. By using these synonyms, you can more accurately explain what you mean when you are discussing a pattern.