1. Nationalist
2. Loyalist
3. Patriotist
4. Defender
5. Supporter
6. Countryman
7. Chauvinist
8. Constitutionalist
9. National
10. Devotee
11. Patriotess
12. Advocate
13. True-believer
14. Nationalist
15. Zealot
16. Enthusiast
17. Fervent
18. Believer
19. Loyal
20. Defender of the Faith
21. Defender of the Nation
22. Defender of Liberty
23. Defender of Freedom
24. Defender of the Constitution
25. Defender of the Flag
26. Defender of the Homeland
27. Defender of the People
28. Defender of the Rights
29. Defender of the Land
30. Defender of the Republic

Finding the right words to express your patriotism can be difficult. Fortunately, there are a variety of synonyms to choose from that can help you express your love for your country. From “nationalist” to “loyalist”, “patriotist” to “defender”, there are many ideas to choose from. Whether you are looking for the best word to describe your patriotism or just searching for other words for patriot, this list of synonyms will provide you with the perfect words. Each word conveys a different meaning, allowing you to express your patriotism in a unique and meaningful way.