1. Enduring
2. Tolerant
3. Placid
4. Long-suffering
5. Stalwart
6. Resigned
7. Compliant
8. Forbearing
9. Submissive
10. Docile
11. Quiet
12. Persevering
13. Calm
14. Biding
15. Steadfast
16. Meek
17. Easy-going
18. Mild
19. Uncomplaining
20. Obedient
21. Resilient
22. Stoic
23. Self-possessed
24. Patiently waiting
25. Patiently enduring
26. Patiently abiding
27. Patiently tolerating
28. Patiently accepting
29. Patiently enduring
30. Enduringly waiting

Are you looking for the best ideas and synonyms for the word ‘patient’? Whether you’re writing a blog post, an essay, or a story, having a wide range of synonyms for patient can be an effective way to add variety to your writing. Synonyms for patient can help to make your writing more interesting and engaging. Some of the best synonyms for patient include enduring, tolerant, placid, long-suffering, stalwart, resigned, compliant, forbearing, submissive, docile, quiet, persevering, calm, biding, steadfast, meek, easy-going, mild, uncomplaining, obedient, resilient, stoic, self-possessed, patiently waiting, patiently enduring, patiently abiding, patiently tolerating, patiently accepting, and enduringly waiting. With these synonyms for patient, you can easily find the perfect word to convey the exact meaning you’re looking for.