1. Trails
2. Routes
3. Tracks
4. Lanes
5. Corridors
6. Courses
7. Byways
8. Avenues
9. Passages
10. Ways
11. Roads
12. Tracks
13. Paths
14. Trails
15. Trails of thought
16. Avenues of approach
17. Routes of travel
18. Corridors of communication
19. Paths of progress
20. Tracks of exploration
21. Trails of discovery
22. Lanes of inquiry
23. Courses of action
24. Byways of exploration
25. Avenues of investigation
26. Passages of understanding
27. Ways of knowledge
28. Roads of learning
29. Tracks of enlightenment
30. Paths of illumination

Are you looking for other words for “pathways”? Whether you’re writing a blog post, article, or essay, having a list of synonyms for “pathways” can help you express your ideas more clearly. Here are the best ideas for synonyms for “pathways”: trails, routes, tracks, lanes, corridors, courses, byways, avenues, passages, ways, roads, tracks, paths, trails of thought, avenues of approach, routes of travel, corridors of communication, paths of progress, tracks of exploration, trails of discovery, lanes of inquiry, courses of action, byways of exploration, avenues of investigation, passages of understanding, ways of knowledge, roads of learning, tracks of enlightenment, and paths of illumination.