1. Malignant
2. Virulent
3. Noxious
4. Contagious
5. Infectious
6. Putrid
7. Pernicious
8. Harmful
9. Baneful
10. Detrimental
11. Deleterious
12. Corrosive
13. Venomous
14. Pestilential
15. Invidious
16. Tainted
17. Morbid
18. Unwholesome
19. Culpable
20. Insidious
21. Perilous
22. Hazardous
23. Virulent
24. Insalubrious
25. Detestable
26. Abhorrent
27. Infective
28. Morbific
29. Pestiferous
30. Pestilent

When looking for synonyms for the word «PATHOGENIC», the best ideas are to consider words that are similar in meaning and connotation. Words like «malignant», «virulent», and «noxious» are all good options for describing something that is pathogenic. Other words for pathogenic include «contagious», «infectious», and «putrid». For a more negative connotation, words like «pernicious», «harmful», and «baneful» can be used. Other words such as «detrimental», «deleterious», and «corrosive» can be used to describe something that is pathogenic and has a negative effect. Finally, for a more extreme connotation, words like «venomous», «pestilential», and «invidious» can be used. All of these words are good synonyms for the word «PATHOGENIC» and can be used to accurately describe something that is pathogenic.