1. Course
2. Way
3. Trail
4. Journey
5. Route
6. Track
7. Passage
8. Road
9. Pathway
10. Lane
11. Itinerary
12. Footpath
13. Thoroughfare
14. Byway
15. Trek
16. Avenue
17. Expedition
18. Trekking
19. Trekker
20. Trackway
21. Walkway
22. Route of Travel
23. Passage of Travel
24. Corridor
25. Course of Travel
26. Lane of Travel
27. Direction
28. Roadway
29. Street
30. Course of Action

Are you looking for synonyms for the word ‘path’? Here are the best ideas to help you find other words for this term. ‘Path’ can be replaced by a variety of words, such as course, way, trail, journey, route, track, passage, road, pathway, lane, itinerary, footpath, thoroughfare, byway, trek, avenue, expedition, trekking, trekker, trackway, walkway, route of travel, passage of travel, corridor, course of travel, lane of travel, direction, roadway, street, and course of action. Use these synonyms to help you find the best word for your writing.