Synonyms for Paternal:

1. Fatherly
2. Patriarchal
3. Parental
4. Sire
5. Dad
6. Daddy
7. Father
8. Papal
9. Pop
10. Pappa
11. Paternalistic
12. Forefatherly
13. Grandfatherly
14. Grandpaternal
15. Predecessor
16. Progenitor
17. Ancestral
18. Ancestor
19. Progeny
20. Descendant
21. Hereditary
22. Lineal
23. Origin
24. Primogenitor
25. Progenitor
26. Root
27. Source
28. Stem
29. Forebear
30. Forefather

When searching for synonyms for the word «paternal», there are many ideas to consider. Whether you are looking for the best synonyms to use in a speech or writing, or just looking for other words to use in everyday conversation, the list above provides a great starting point. This list includes words such as fatherly, patriarchal, parental, sire, dad, daddy, father, papal, pop, pappa, and many more. Each of these words provides a unique perspective and can be used in various contexts to express the same meaning. Additionally, these synonyms can be used to describe the relationship between a father and his children, as well as the relationship between generations. With this list of synonyms for the word «paternal», you can find the best way to express your thoughts and feelings in any situation.