1. Ardent
2. Zealous
3. Fanatical
4. Fervent
5. Intense
6. Impassioned
7. Vehement
8. Devoted
9. Ferocious
10. Determined
11. Driven
12. Eager
13. Earnest
14. Enthusiastic
15. Fiery
16. Focused
17. Forceful
18. Hopeful
19. Obsessed
20. Obsessive
21. Persevering
22. Relentless
23. Resolute
24. Serious
25. Single-minded
26. Tenacious
27. Tireless
28. Unrelenting
29. Vigorous
30. Wholehearted

Are you looking for the best ideas and other words for the word «passionate»? Whether you need synonyms for a creative writing project or for a professional presentation, you’ll find many options to choose from. For example, you could use words such as ardent, zealous, fanatical, fervent, intense, impassioned, and vehement to describe someone who is passionate. Alternatively, you could use terms like devoted, ferocious, determined, driven, eager, earnest, and enthusiastic. There are many other words that could be used to describe someone who is passionate, such as focused, forceful, hopeful, obsessed, obsessive, persevering, relentless, resolute, serious, single-minded, tenacious, tireless, unrelenting, vigorous, and wholehearted. With so many options, you can easily find the perfect words to express the passion of a person or a situation.