1. Fraction
2. Portion
3. Segment
4. Component
5. Slice
6. Division
7. Share
8. Piece
9. Division
10. Allotment
11. Quota
12. Segment
13. Section
14. Segment
15. Subdivision
16. Percent
17. Fraction
18. Section
19. Subdivision
20. Segment
21. Unit
22. Parcel
23. Allocation
24. Fraction
25. Division
26. Quota
27. Percentage
28. Segment
29. Fraction
30. Portion

When trying to find the best ideas for expressing yourself, it can be helpful to know the different synonyms for a particular word. For example, the word ‘part’ can be replaced with a variety of other words, such as fraction, portion, segment, component, slice, division, share, piece, allotment, quota, section, subdivision, percent, unit, parcel, allocation, and percentage. Using these synonyms can help to make your writing more interesting and engaging. Furthermore, if you are looking for other words for ‘part’, then you can find a wealth of ideas from the list provided above. Whether you are writing for business, pleasure, or any other purpose, having a variety of synonyms for ‘part’ can help to make your writing more effective.