1. Legislators
2. Politicians
3. Representatives
4. Lawmakers
5. Solons
6. Delegates
7. Senators
8. MPs
9. Elected officials
10. Councillors
11. Deputies
12. Magistrates
13. Jurists
14. Assemblymen
15. Constituents
16. Bureaucrats
17. Diplomats
18. Statesmen
19. Notables
20. Pundits
21. Councilmen
22. Civic leaders
23. Administrators
24. Clerks
25. Commissioners
26. Bureaucrats
27. Oligarchs
28. Bureaucratese
29. Mandarins
30. Grandees

Finding the best synonyms for the word «parliamentarians» can be a challenge. Luckily, there are many different options to choose from. Whether you are looking for a more general term such as «representatives» or a more specific one such as «magistrates,» there is a wide range of words that can be used to refer to parliamentarians. Additionally, there are other words for parliamentarians that can be used in a more formal setting, such as «statesmen» or «notables.» Whatever the context, there are plenty of ideas for finding the best synonyms for the word «parliamentarians.»