1. Congress
2. Assembly
3. Council
4. Diet
5. Senate
6. Chamber
7. Convocation
8. Diet
9. Legislature
10. House of Commons
11. House of Representatives
12. Synod
13. Convention
14. Forum
15. Diet
16. Estates
17. Convocation
18. Diets
19. Synod
20. Deliberative Assembly
21. Estates-General
22. National Assembly
23. Legislative Body
24. Grand Council
25. Consultative Assembly
26. Diet of States
27. Legislative Chamber
28. Synod of Estates
29. High Court of Parliament
30. Imperial Diet

When trying to find the best ideas for synonyms for the word “Parliament”, it can be difficult to come up with the perfect words. Thankfully, there are many different words that can be used to describe a Parliament, such as Congress, Assembly, Council, Diet, Senate, Chamber, Convocation, Diet, Legislature, and House of Commons. Other words for a Parliament include House of Representatives, Synod, Convention, Forum, Diet, Estates, Convocation, Diets, Synod, Deliberative Assembly, Estates-General, National Assembly, Legislative Body, Grand Council, Consultative Assembly, Diet of States, Legislative Chamber, Synod of Estates, High Court of Parliament, and Imperial Diet. These synonyms can be used to discuss a Parliament in an informative and creative way.