1. Capital of France
2. City of Lights
3. City of Love
4. City on the Seine
5. French Metropolis
6. La Ville-Lumière
7. Lutetia
8. Île-de-France
9. Seine-side City
10. City of Romance
11. City of Glamour
12. City of Art
13. City of Culture
14. City of Style
15. City of Architecture
16. City of Grandeur
17. City of Museums
18. City of Cathedrals
19. City of Palaces
20. City of Boulangeries
21. City of Cafés
22. City of Gardens
23. City of Galleries
24. City of Monuments
25. City of Parks
26. City of Bridges
27. City of Boulevards
28. City of Theaters
29. City of Fountains
30. City of Haute Couture

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