1. Congruent
2. Adjacent
3. Coincident
4. Similar
5. Equidistant
6. Identical
7. Side-by-side
8. Coexistent
9. Level
10. Uniform
11. Balanced
12. Corresponding
13. Flush
14. Like
15. In line
16. Equivalent
17. Equable
18. Aligned
19. Consistent
20. Matching
21. Congruous
22. Symmetrical
23. Harmonious
24. Synchronous
25. Uniformly spaced
26. Evenly spaced
27. Intersecting
28. Unison
29. Agreeing
30. Parallelism

When looking for synonyms for the word “parallel”, the best ideas are to look for words that describe the same concept. Congruent, adjacent, coincident, similar, equidistant, identical, side-by-side, coexistent, level, uniform, balanced, corresponding, flush, like, in line, equivalent, equable, aligned, consistent, matching, congruous, symmetrical, harmonious, synchronous, uniformly spaced, evenly spaced, intersecting, unison, agreeing, and parallelism are all great options for other words for parallel. Each of these words describes the concept of two lines or objects that run side-by-side, at the same level, and in the same direction.