Synonyms for Pages:

1. Sheets
2. Leaves
3. Folios
4. Chapters
5. Texts
6. Documents
7. Writings
8. Scrolls
9. Manuscripts
10. Books
11. Pamphlets
12. Treatises
13. Journals
14. Records
15. Chronicles
16. Annals
17. Librettos
18. Compendiums
19. Scrolls
20. Ledgers
21. Codices
22. Broadsheets
23. Gazettes
24. Gazettes
25. Chronicles
26. Periodicals
27. Newsletters
28. Leaflets
29. Tablets
30. Scraps

When searching for a word that describes multiple pages of text, consider the best ideas of synonyms for the word ‘pages’. There are many other words for pages, such as sheets, leaves, folios, chapters, texts, documents, writings, scrolls, manuscripts, books, pamphlets, treatises, journals, records, chronicles, annals, librettos, compendiums, scrolls, ledgers, codices, broadsheets, gazettes, chronicles, periodicals, newsletters, leaflets, tablets, and scraps. These are just a few of the many alternative words that can be used to describe a collection of pages. Each word carries its own unique connotation, making it easy to find the perfect word to accurately describe the pages of text.