1. Bundles
2. Parcels
3. Containers
4. Cartons
5. Groupings
6. Clusters
7. Lots
8. Envelopes
9. Sachets
10. Bags
11. Accumulations
12. Assemblies
13. Accumulations
14. Aggregates
15. Allotments
16. Assortments
17. Bales
18. Batchs
19. Blocks
20. Collections
21. Compilations
22. Conglomerates
23. Consignments
24. Divisions
25. Heaps
26. Hoards
27. Loads
28. Piles
29. Portions
30. Quantities

Finding the right words to describe a concept can be tricky. When looking for synonyms for the word «packets», there are a wide variety of ideas to consider. From bundles and parcels to containers and cartons, there are many different terms to choose from. In addition to groupings, clusters, lots, and envelopes, some of the best ideas include sachets, bags, accumulations, and assemblies. Other words for packets include aggregates, allotments, assortments, bales, batchs, blocks, collections, compilations, conglomerates, consignments, divisions, heaps, hoards, loads, piles, portions, and quantities. With so many options, it’s easy to find the perfect synonym to fit any context.