1. Cambridge
2. Collegiate
3. Academic
4. University
5. Alma Mater
6. Alma mater of England
7. Institution
8. School
9. College
10. Seat of learning
11. Academic center
12. Seat of knowledge
13. Seat of scholarship
14. Seat of education
15. Seat of enlightenment
16. Seat of culture
17. Seat of learning and culture
18. Seat of knowledge and culture
19. Seat of scholarship and culture
20. Seat of education and culture
21. Seat of enlightenment and culture
22. Blue-ribbon
23. Eminent
24. Distinguished
25. Renowned
26. Prestigious
27. Celebrated
28. Venerable
29. Notable
30. Illustrious

Are you looking for synonyms for the word “OXFORD”? Here is a list of 30 best ideas for synonyms for this word, including Cambridge, Collegiate, Academic, University, Alma Mater, Institution, School, College, Seat of Learning, Academic Center, Seat of Knowledge, Seat of Scholarship, Seat of Education, Seat of Enlightenment, Seat of Culture, Seat of Learning and Culture, Seat of Knowledge and Culture, Seat of Scholarship and Culture, Seat of Education and Culture, Seat of Enlightenment and Culture, Blue-Ribbon, Eminent, Distinguished, Renowned, Prestigious, Celebrated, Venerable, Notable, and Illustrious. Whether you’re looking for another word for “OXFORD” or other words for “OXFORD”, this list of 30 synonyms will provide you with plenty of ideas to choose from.