1. Proprietor
2. Custodian
3. Possessor
4. Holder
5. Steward
6. Keeper
7. Master
8. Landlord
9. Tenant
10. Controller
11. Administrator
12. Occupier
13. Landowner
14. Occupant
15. Tenure
16. Landholder
17. Holder-in-due-course
18. Heir
19. Guardian
20. Beneficiary
21. Licensee
22. Franchisor
23. Proprietary
24. Benefactor
25. Principal
26. Titleholder
27. Originator
28. Operator
29. Author
30. Vendor

Are you looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word “owner”? There are many different words that can be used to describe an owner, such as proprietor, custodian, possessor, holder, steward, keeper, master, landlord, tenant, controller, administrator, occupier, and landowner. Other words for “owner” include occupant, tenure, landholder, holder-in-due-course, heir, guardian, beneficiary, licensee, franchisor, proprietary, benefactor, principal, titleholder, originator, operator, author, and vendor. Whether you need to find the perfect word to describe an owner in a legal document or in everyday conversation, this list of synonyms provides the best ideas for finding the right word.