1. Above
2. Beyond
3. On top
4. Exceeding
5. Surpassing
6. Prevalent
7. Ultimate
8. Final
9. Uppermost
10. Maximum
11. High
12. Excessive
13. Too much
14. Ultimate
15. Superlative
16. Supreme
17. Paramount
18. Elevated
19. Predominant
20. Preeminent
21. Finest
22. Incomparable
23. Unrivaled
24. Unsurpassed
25. Unrivaled
26. Unprecedented
27. Unparalleled
28. Unmitigated
29. Unsurpassable
30. Unabated

When searching for another word for «over», there are many options to choose from. Whether you are looking for the best word to describe a feeling of abundance, or a term that implies a sense of finality, there are several synonyms to choose from. Ideas such as «above», «exceeding», «maximum», and «elevated» all give a sense of being greater than what came before. Other words such as «predominant», «preeminent», and «unrivaled» imply a sense of superiority. For the ultimate in descriptive words, look no further than «unsurpassable», «unprecedented», and «unabated». No matter what you are looking for, there is a synonym for «over» that will fit the bill.