1. Oogonia
2. Uterine Gonads
3. Ovarian Glands
4. Reproductive Organs
5. Uterine Appendages
6. Ovarial Tissues
7. Female Gonads
8. Genital Organs
9. Ovarian Tissues
10. Female Reproductive Organs
11. Uterine Extensions
12. Ovarial Glands
13. Female Gametes
14. Uterine Organs
15. Ovarian Cells
16. Female Gonadal Organs
17. Oogonium
18. Uterine Appendage
19. Uterine Glands
20. Female Reproductive Glands
21. Ovum-Producing Organs
22. Uterine Extension
23. Female Reproductive Cells
24. Female Gamete-Producing Organs
25. Uterine Tissues
26. Oogonial Cells
27. Uterine Appendages
28. Ovarial Organs
29. Ovarian Structures
30. Oogoniums

When you’re looking for the best ideas for other words for the word «ovaries», there are many synonyms that can be used to describe this important part of the female reproductive system. From oogonia to oogoniums, there are a variety of terms to choose from when discussing the ovaries. Other terms include uterine gonads, ovarian glands, reproductive organs, uterine appendages, ovarial tissues, female gonads, genital organs, ovarian tissues, female reproductive organs, and uterine extensions. All of these words can be used to refer to the same thing, which is the ovaries. They can be used in a variety of contexts, whether it be in a scientific paper, a medical journal, or even in everyday conversation. No matter the context, these synonyms for the word «ovaries» can help to provide clarity and precision when discussing this important organ.