1. Perpendicular
2. Right-angled
3. At right angles
4. At a 90-degree angle
5. Nonparallel
6. Intersecting
7. Divergent
8. Normal
9. Not coinciding
10. Nonintersecting
11. Oblique
12. Not oblique
13. Not convergent
14. Rectilinear
15. Not related
16. Unrelated
17. Noncollinear
18. Not parallel
19. Not coinciding
20. Nonconvergent
21. Nonadjacent
22. Not adjacent
23. Nonintersecting
24. Nonconcentric
25. Nonparallel
26. Not oblique
27. Noncoincident
28. Not coincident
29. Nonconcurrent
30. Not concurrent

Finding the best synonyms for the word «orthogonal» can be difficult. But with this comprehensive list of 30 synonyms, you can easily find other words for orthogonal. Whether you’re looking for ideas to help you write a paper or just want to expand your vocabulary, this list of synonyms can help. From «perpendicular» and «right-angled» to «nonparallel» and «intersecting,» this list has the best ideas for finding alternative words for orthogonal. With this list of synonyms, you’ll never be stuck for another word for orthogonal again.