1. Arrangement
2. Regulation
3. Command
4. Sequence
5. Method
6. Hierarchy
7. System
8. Discipline
9. Directive
10. Plan
11. Precept
12. Rank
13. Edict
14. Procedure
15. Routine
16. Protocol
17. Law
18. Decree
19. Rule
20. Convention
21. Course
22. Statute
23. Precedent
24. Canon
25. Ordinance
26. Pattern
27. Formula
28. Regulation
29. Norm
30. Convention

Are you looking for synonyms for the word «order»? Finding the best ideas can be a challenge, but we have compiled a list of 30 other words for order that can be used in a variety of contexts. From arrangements to regulations, commands to sequences, and methods to hierarchies, you can find the perfect word to capture the exact meaning you need. Whether you are looking for a synonym to fit in a professional document or a creative writing piece, this list of synonyms for order is sure to provide the perfect word.