Synonyms for OR:

1. Alternative
2. Choice
3. Either
4. Equivalence
5. Exchange
6. Instead
7. Option
8. Otherwise
9. Preference
10. Selection
11. Substitute
12. Then
13. Variation
14. Contrast
15. Counterpart
16. Divergence
17. Exchange
18. Opposition
19. Parallel
20. Replacement
21. Separation
22. Shift
23. Switch
24. Transposition
25. Variance
26. Antithesis
27. Equation
28. Interchange
29. Replacement
30. Transmutation

Finding the best ideas and synonyms for the word “or” can be difficult. However, there are a variety of ways to express the concept of “or”. Consider using words such as alternative, choice, either, equivalence, exchange, instead, option, otherwise, preference, selection, substitute, then, variation, contrast, counterpart, divergence, exchange, opposition, parallel, replacement, separation, shift, switch, transposition, variance, antithesis, equation, interchange, replacement, and transmutation. By using these synonyms, you can effectively communicate the concept of “or” in your writing. Additionally, using synonyms for “or” can help to keep your writing interesting and engaging.