1. Chose
2. Selected
3. Picked
4. Elected
5. Decided
6. Voted
7. Preferred
8. Determined
9. Settled
10. Chose
11. Preferred
12. Decided
13. Determined
14. Voted
15. Selected
16. Settled
17. Preselected
18. Prefer
19. Opt
20. Preferring
21. Opting
22. Preference
23. Selecting
24. Choosing
25. Preferring
26. Preference
27. Opting
28. Selecting
29. Choosing
30. Opting for

When it comes to finding words to express the same idea, there are many different synonyms for the word “opted”. Whether you are looking for the best ideas or other words for “opted”, this list of 30 synonyms can help you find the perfect phrase. From “chose” and “selected” to “voted” and “preferred”, there are plenty of words to choose from. Each of these synonyms can be used to express the idea of making a decision or choice. Whether you are looking for the most appropriate phrase for a formal document or just want to spice up your writing, this list of synonyms for “opted” is sure to have the perfect word.