1. Antagonism
2. Resistance
3. Conflict
4. Contradiction
5. Hostility
6. Difference
7. Strife
8. Rivalry
9. Clash
10. Dissent
11. Contrariness
12. Disagreement
13. Variance
14. Discord
15. Disaccord
16. Contention
17. Variation
18. Dissension
19. Discrepancy
20. Contrariety
21. Disputation
22. Variance
23. Variableness
24. Oppositionality
25. Dissimilarity
26. Disaffinity
27. Contradistinction
28. Contradictoriness
29. Dissonance
30. Oppugnancy

Are you looking for the best ideas on synonyms for the word “opposition”? Whether you’re a writer, a student, or a professional, having a repertoire of synonyms for opposition can help you find the perfect word to express your ideas. Synonyms for opposition can include words such as antagonism, resistance, conflict, contradiction, hostility, difference, strife, rivalry, clash, dissent, contrariness, disagreement, variance, discord, disaccord, contention, variation, dissension, discrepancy, contrariety, disputation, variance, oppositionality, dissimilarity, disaffinity, contrdistinction, contradictoriness, dissonance, and oppugnancy. With this list of synonyms for opposition, you can find the ideal word to express your thoughts and ideas.