1. Musical Drama
2. Operetta
3. Vocal Performance
4. Grand Opera
5. Lyric Theatre
6. Musical Theatre
7. Dramatic Performance
8. Libretto
9. Recitative
10. Aria
11. Cantata
12. Oratorio
13. Melodrama
14. Ballad Opera
15. Chamber Opera
16. Comic Opera
17. Singspiel
18. Tragedy
19. Lyric Poetry
20. Acoustic Performance
21. Melodious Performance
22. Choral Performance
23. Vocal Art
24. Musical Interpretation
25. Librettist
26. Musical Narrative
27. Lyrical Drama
28. Musical Comedy
29. Grand Spectacle
30. Musical Storytelling

Are you looking for the best synonyms for the word “Opera”? Look no further! Here are 30 ideas for other words that can be used to describe this type of musical performance. From “Musical Drama” to “Lyrical Drama” to “Chamber Opera” and “Grand Spectacle”, these are all great ways to express the idea of an opera. Whether you’re looking for a synonym to use in a paper or just want to spice up your vocabulary, these synonyms are a great place to start. With so many options, you can find the perfect word to express your thoughts on the opera.