1. Unsealed
2. Unlocked
3. Revealed
4. Uncloaked
5. Exposed
6. Unfolded
7. Uncovered
8. Disclosed
9. Unmasked
10. Unveiled
11. Disengaged
12. Unbarred
13. Unbolted
14. Unlatched
15. Unlocked
16. Unplugged
17. Unsheathed
18. Unshut
19. Unstop
20. Unclasped
21. Unfastened
22. Unhasped
23. Unlocked
24. Unsewed
25. Unyoked
26. Unzipped
27. Unlaced
28. Unlocked
29. Unsealed
30. Unshuttered

Searching for synonyms for the word «opened» can be challenging. It is important to find the best ideas to accurately express the meaning. There are many words that can be used to describe the concept of «opened», such as «unsealed», «unlocked», «revealed», «uncloaked», and «exposed». Furthermore, other words for «opened» include «unfolded», «uncovered», «disclosed», «unmasked», and «unveiled». Additionally, words like «disengaged», «unbarred», «unbolted», «unlatched», and «unlocked» can also be used to describe the concept. Finally, some of the best ideas for synonyms of «opened» include «unplugged», «unsheathed», «unshut», «unstop», and «unclasped».