1. Equivalent
2. Counterpart
3. Substitute
4. Exchange
5. Alternative
6. Correlate
7. Analog
8. Match
9. Parallel
10. Similar
11. Duplicate
12. Reproduction
13. Facsimile
14. Homologue
15. Replica
16. Representation
17. Corollary
18. Countertype
19. Doppelganger
20. Equivalent
21. Facsimile
22. Imitation
23. Lookalike
24. Parallel
25. Reproduction
26. Representation
27. Similitude
28. Twin
29. Copy
30. Facsimile

Finding the best ideas and words for synonyms of ‘ONT’ can be a challenge. But with our list of 30 synonyms, you will be able to find the right words for your writing. Our list includes words such as equivalent, counterpart, substitute, exchange, alternative, correlate, analog, match, parallel, similar, duplicate, reproduction, facsimile, homologue, replica, representation, corollary, countertype, doppelganger, equivalent, facsimile, imitation, lookalike, parallel, reproduction, representation, similitude, twin, copy, and facsimile. All of these words are great alternatives to ‘ONT’ and can be used in a variety of writing styles. Whether you’re looking for a more formal or informal synonym for ‘ONT’, our list is sure to have the perfect word for you.