1. Cancerology
2. Tumorology
3. Neoplasmology
4. Carcinology
5. Malignancy
6. Tumourology
7. Pathology
8. Metastasiology
9. Oncology
10. Radiotherapy
11. Chemoradiotherapy
12. Chemotherapy
13. Immunotherapy
14. Hormone therapy
15. Targeted therapy
16. Surgery
17. Stem cell transplantation
18. Photodynamic therapy
19. Brachytherapy
20. Proton therapy
21. Cryosurgery
22. Hyperthermia
23. Radiosurgery
24. Radioimmunotherapy
25. Gene therapy
26. Photon therapy
27. Immuno-oncology
28. Biologic therapy
29. Molecular therapy
30. Systemic therapy

Searching for synonyms for the word «oncology» can be a difficult task. When trying to find the best ideas or other words for oncology, it is important to consider the context in which the word is being used. Cancerology, tumorology, neoplasmology, and carcinology are some of the most commonly used synonyms for oncology. Other terms such as malignancy, tumourology, pathology, and metastasiology are also often used. Additionally, radiotherapy, chemoradiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy, surgery, stem cell transplantation, photodynamic therapy, brachytherapy, proton therapy, cryosurgery, hyperthermia, radiosurgery, radioimmunotherapy, gene therapy, photon therapy, immuno-oncology, biologic therapy, molecular therapy, and systemic therapy are all terms that can be used as synonyms for oncology.