1. Once: Previously
2. Once: At one time
3. Once: One time
4. Once: In the past
5. Once: Earlier
6. Once: In the olden days
7. Once: At one point
8. Once: In days gone by
9. Once: On one occasion
10. Once: Onetime
11. Once: One-off
12. Once: Now and then
13. Once: At some point
14. Once: In due course
15. Once: In the fullness of time
16. Once: In due time
17. Once: On the double
18. Once: On the spot
19. Once: At one go
20. Once: In one fell swoop
21. Once: One and for all
22. Once: In the past
23. Once: Formerly
24. Once: In a former time
25. Once: In a bygone era
26. Once: At a time
27. Once: On the double
28. Once: In a single movement
29. Once: In a single bound
30. Once: All at once

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