1. Ancient
2. Aged
3. Senior
4. Outdated
5. Obsolete
6. Antiquated
7. Outmoded
8. Musty
9. Decrepit
10. Obscure
11. Primitive
12. Archaic
13. Time-honored
14. Hoary
15. Timeworn
16. Stale
17. Moth-eaten
18. Long in the tooth
19. Superannuated
20. Ancient Mariner
21. Bygone
22. Prenatal
23. Fusty
24. Decayed
25. Prehistoric
26. Former
27. Previous
28. Olden
29. Historic
30. Antediluvian

Finding synonyms for the word “ole” can be a challenge, as it already has a variety of meanings. Whether you’re looking for a word to describe something that is old and out of date, or something that is time-honored and traditional, there is a perfect synonym for your needs. Here are some of the best ideas and other words for “ole”, including ancient, aged, senior, outdated, obsolete, antiquated, outmoded, musty, decrepit, obscure, primitive, archaic, time-honored, hoary, timeworn, stale, moth-eaten, long in the tooth, superannuated, ancient mariner, bygone, prenatal, fusty, decayed, prehistoric, former, previous, olden, historic, and antediluvian. With this comprehensive list of synonyms, you’re sure to find the perfect word to express your idea.