1. Authoritative
2. Formal
3. Sanctioned
4. Legitimate
5. Recognized
6. Binding
7. Valid
8. Conforming
9. Approved
10. Endorsed
11. Certified
12. Statutory
13. Established
14. Allowed
15. Conclusive
16. Permitted
17. Enduring
18. Lawful
19. Endorsed
20. Verified
21. Ordained
22. Authentic
23. Decreed
24. Consecrated
25. Indisputable
26. Enduring
27. Established
28. Veracious
29. Legit
30. Official-like

When searching for the best ideas for other words for ‘official’, it is important to consider the context of the word. Official can be used to describe an event, document, or person. Depending on the context, the most appropriate synonym may vary. For example, if referring to a person, words like authoritative, formal, and legitimate may be most appropriate. On the other hand, if referring to a document, words like binding, valid, and conforming may be more appropriate. For an event, words like sanctioned, recognized, and approved may be best. Ultimately, the list of 30 synonyms provided above can help to provide the best ideas for other words for official, regardless of context.