1. Eight
2. Eighth
3. Aug
4. Augment
5. Augmentation
6. Octad
7. Octave
8. Octet
9. Octonary
10. Octonion
11. Octuple
12. Octuplicate
13. Ogdoad
14. Viii
15. Eighter
16. Eightfold
17. Octangular
18. Octennial
19. Octodecillion
20. Octofoil
21. Octon
22. Octopartite
23. Octopod
24. Octopodan
25. Octopodous
26. Octosyllabic
27. Octuplet
28. Octupling
29. Octuply
30. Octuplicate

When trying to find the best ideas and other words for the word «OCT», there are many different options to consider. Synonyms such as Eight, Eighth, Aug, Augment, Augmentation, Octad, Octave, Octet, Octonary, Octonion, Octuple, Octuplicate, Ogdoad, Viii, Eighter, Eightfold, Octangular, Octennial, Octodecillion, Octofoil, Octon, Octopartite, Octopod, Octopodan, Octopodous, Octosyllabic, Octuplet, Octupling, Octuply, and Octuplicate can all be used to replace the word «OCT» in any sentence. All of these words have the same meaning as «OCT», and are great alternatives to use when trying to avoid repeating the same word too often in writing.