1. Acquire
2. Secure
3. Gather
4. Receive
5. Procure
6. Attain
7. Achieve
8. Take
9. Win
10. Earn
11. Collect
12. Procure
13. Get
14. Obtainable
15. Grasp
16. Buy
17. Reap
18. Have
19. Fetch
20. Pick up
21. Gain
22. Obtainment
23. Seize
24. Procuration
25. Garner
26. Appropriate
27. Take possession of
28. Attainment
29. Appropriation
30. Reception

When looking for the best synonyms for “obtain”, there are many ideas to consider. Other words for “obtain” could include acquire, secure, gather, receive, procure, attain, achieve, take, win, earn, collect, procure, get, obtainable, grasp, buy, reap, have, fetch, pick up, gain, obtainment, seize, procuration, garner, appropriate, take possession of, attainment, and appropriation. With such a wide variety of synonyms to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which word best suits the context of the sentence. However, with careful consideration and research, the perfect word can be found.