2. Perceives
3. Examines
4. Surveys
5. Glimpses
6. Discerns
7. Notices
8. Regards
9. Scrutinizes
10. Surveils
11. Surveils
12. Investigates
13. Scans
14. Scopes
15. Gazes
16. Detects
17. Inspects
18. Contemplates
19. Spots
20. Pays attention to
21. Takes in
22. Heeds
23. Studies
24. Watch
25. Examines
26. Surveys
27. Analyzes
28. Establishes
29. Scans
30. Spies

When looking for other ways to express the idea of observing, there are many synonyms that can be used. Whether you are searching for the best, most creative ideas or just looking for a variety of words, these 30 synonyms for observes can help you find the perfect phrase. From viewing and perceiving to scrutinizing and surveilling, these synonyms can help you express the idea of observing in a variety of ways. Whether you are writing a report, crafting a story, or just looking for a new way to say something, this list of synonyms for observes can help you find the perfect words.