1. Witnessed
2. Noted
3. Examined
4. Discovered
5. Spied
6. Monitored
7. Inspected
8. Perceived
9. Detected
10. Espied
11. Glimpsed
12. Sighted
13. Watched
14. Beheld
15. Scrutinized
16. Studied
17. Scanned
18. Noticed
19. Heeded
20. Considered
21. Noticed
22. Marked
23. Recorded
24. Scanned
25. Viewed
26. Surveyed
27. Noted
28. Saw
29. Beheld
30. Noticed

Are you looking for synonyms for the word “observed”? Whether you’re writing an essay or a report, it’s important to use the best words to express your ideas. Luckily, there are plenty of synonyms to choose from for the word “observed”. Examples include “witnessed”, “noted”, “examined”, “discovered”, “spied”, “monitored”, “inspected”, “perceived”, “detected”, “espied”, “glimpsed”, “sighted”, “watched”, “beheld”, “scrutinized”, “studied”, “scanned”, “noticed”, “heeded”, “considered”, “noticed”, “marked”, “recorded”, “scanned”, “viewed”, “surveyed”, “noted”, “saw”, and “beheld”. These synonyms are all great ideas for finding the best word to express your thoughts. Whether you’re writing a formal essay or a casual report, having a list of synonyms for “observed” can help you find the perfect word to use.