1. Notices
2. Perceptions
3. Discernments
4. Experiences
5. Impressions
6. Reflections
7. Realizations
8. Insights
9. Findings
10. Recognitions
11. Discoveries
12. Conclusions
13. Detections
15. Considerations
16. Ideas
17. Remarks
18. Evaluations
19. Inferences
20. Notions
21. Opinions
22. Realizations
23. Sensations
24. Speculations
25. Spotting
26. Visions
27. Apprehendings
28. Conjectures
29. Estimations
30. Judgments

When looking for synonyms for the word «observations», there are many great ideas to consider. The best synonyms for «observations» include notices, perceptions, discernments, experiences, impressions, reflections, realizations, insights, findings, recognitions, discoveries, conclusions, detections, comments, considerations, ideas, remarks, evaluations, inferences, notions, opinions, sensations, speculations, spotting, visions, apprehendings, conjectures, estimations, and judgments. Each of these words offers a unique way to describe the act of observing or the results of an observation. Whether you need to find a single synonym for a single observation or multiple synonyms to describe a series of observations, these words provide a great starting point.