Synonyms for NUCLEUS:

1. Core
2. Center
3. Hub
4. Heart
5. Origin
6. Originator
7. Focal point
8. Origin point
9. Centerpiece
10. Base
11. Source
12. Originator
13. Center of gravity
14. Epicenter
15. Center of attention
16. Crux
17. Foundation
18. Kernel
19. Center of operations
20. Core of activity
21. Starting point
22. Origin of activity
23. Origin of operations
24. Core of operations
25. Origin of power
26. Origin of influence
27. Origin of authority
28. Origin of control
29. Source of power
30. Source of influence

When you are looking for the best ideas and synonyms for the word “NUCLEUS”, there are a variety of options to choose from. The most common synonyms for nucleus are core, center, hub, heart, origin, originator, focal point, origin point, centerpiece, and base. Other words for nucleus include source, originator, center of gravity, epicenter, center of attention, crux, foundation, kernel, center of operations, core of activity, starting point, origin of activity, origin of operations, core of operations, origin of power, origin of influence, origin of authority, origin of control, source of power, and source of influence. All of these words can be used to describe the nucleus of a thing, idea, or concept.