1. Nonprofit
2. Not-for-profit
3. Charitable Organization
4. Charity
5. Philanthropic Organization
6. Beneficent Organization
7. Non-commercial Organization
8. Non-business Organization
9. Non-profit Entity
10. Not-for-profit Entity
11. Beneficial Organization
12. Do-gooder Organization
13. Do-gooder Group
14. Non-commercial Group
15. Non-business Group
16. Altruistic Organization
17. Altruistic Group
18. Philanthropic Group
19. Beneficent Group
20. Voluntary Group
21. Voluntary Organization
22. Non-profit Corporation
23. Not-for-profit Corporation
24. Beneficial Corporation
25. Do-gooder Corporation
26. Altruistic Corporation
27. Philanthropic Corporation
28. Beneficent Corporation
29. Charitable Group
30. Charitable Corporation

Looking for synonyms for the term NP? You’ve come to the right place! Here are the best ideas for other words for NP: Nonprofit, Not-for-profit, Charitable Organization, Charity, Philanthropic Organization, Beneficent Organization, Non-commercial Organization, Non-business Organization, Non-profit Entity, Not-for-profit Entity, Beneficial Organization, Do-gooder Organization, Do-gooder Group, Non-commercial Group, Non-business Group, Altruistic Organization, Altruistic Group, Philanthropic Group, Beneficent Group, Voluntary Group, Voluntary Organization, Non-profit Corporation, Not-for-profit Corporation, Beneficial Corporation, Do-gooder Corporation, Altruistic Corporation, Philanthropic Corporation, Beneficent Corporation, Charitable Group, and Charitable Corporation. With these synonyms, you can easily find the perfect word to express yourself. Whether you’re looking for a more formal word or a more informal one, these synonyms for NP will help you find the right word for the right situation.