Synonyms for NOTION:

1. Idea
2. Concept
3. Impression
4. Belief
5. Perception
6. Understanding
7. Thought
8. View
9. Intuition
10. Notion
11. Theory
12. Philosophy
13. Imagination
14. Notion
15. Conception
16. Preconception
17. Impulse
18. Notion
19. Inclination
20. Apprehension
21. Impression
22. Cognition
23. Intimation
24. Notion
25. Notch
26. Hunch
27. Notion
28. Construction
29. Notion
30. Fancy

Finding the right words to express your ideas can be difficult. Whether you are writing a paper, crafting a speech, or just trying to explain a concept, having a variety of synonyms for “notion” can help you find the best way to get your point across. Synonyms for “notion” can range from simpler words like “idea” and “belief” to more complex words like “conception” and “impulse”. Having a list of synonyms for “notion” can help you find the perfect word to express your thoughts. The list above provides 30 ideas for synonyms for “notion”, giving you the best options for finding the perfect word for your needs. Whether you are looking for a word to express a thought, an impression, or a philosophy, this list of synonyms for “notion” can provide you with the best ideas.