1. Informed
2. Alerted
3. Notified
4. Inaugurated
5. Apprised
6. Admonished
7. Notified
8. Appointed
9. Advised
10. Appraised
11. Announced
12. Authenticated
13. Brought to attention
14. Cited
15. Educated
16. Informed
17. Instructed
18. Notified
19. Noted
20. Reminded
21. Reported
22. Told
23. Verified
24. Warned
25. Noticed
26. Informed of
27. Notified of
28. Informed about
29. Notified about
30. Notify

When looking for synonyms for the word «notified», there are many great ideas to consider. Whether you are looking for other words for «notified» or the best synonyms for «notified», you will find a wide range of options. From «informed» and «alerted» to «inaugurated» and «admonished», there is a variety of words to choose from. Additionally, you can use phrases such as «brought to attention» and «notified of» to ensure you are conveying the same message. With so many great ideas to choose from, you can find the perfect words to use in your writing.