1. Observe
2. Perceive
3. Spot
4. Discern
5. Recognize
6. Note
7. Detect
8. See
9. View
10. Behold
11. Survey
12. Mark
13. Perceive
14. Heed
15. Take heed
16. Notice
17. Take note
18. Catch
19. Survey
20. Glimpse
21. Spot
22. Espy
23. Notice
24. Be aware
25. Take in
26. Take notice
27. Look
28. Sight
29. Discern
30. Perceive

Finding the best synonyms for the word “notice” can be a daunting task. Synonyms can help to enhance your writing and make it more creative and interesting. Whether you are looking for new ideas for a blog post, essay, or article, having a list of synonyms for “notice” can be a great starting point. Here are some of the best synonyms for “notice”: observe, perceive, spot, discern, recognize, note, detect, see, view, behold, survey, mark, heed, take heed, take note, catch, glimpse, espy, be aware, take in, take notice, look, sight, and discern. Using these words instead of “notice” can help to make your writing more dynamic and engaging. Furthermore, it can help to increase the quality of your writing and help to make your content more interesting and enjoyable to read.