1. Cousin
2. Granddaughter
3. Relative
4. Kin
5. Descendant
6. Offspring
7. Heiress
8. Issue
9. Progeny
10. Scion
11. Stepchild
12. Stepdaughter
13. Kinswoman
14. Lineal descendant
15. Patrimony
16. Posterior
17. Progenitor
18. Successor
19. Affinity
20. Aunt’s child
21. Daughter of a brother or sister
22. Family member
23. Godchild
24. Niece-german
25. Nibling
26. Niece-in-law
27. Progeny of a brother or sister
28. Sister’s child
29. Sister’s offspring
30. Young relative

When trying to find the best ideas and synonyms for the word «niece», there are a variety of options to consider. There are many words that can be used to describe this familial relationship, such as cousin, granddaughter, relative, kin, and descendant. Other words for niece could include heiress, issue, progeny, scion, stepchild, and stepdaughter. Additionally, there are more specific terms that can be used to describe a niece, such as aunt’s child, daughter of a brother or sister, family member, godchild, niece-german, nibling, niece-in-law, progeny of a brother or sister, sister’s child, sister’s offspring, and young relative. No matter which words you choose to use, there are plenty of synonyms for the word «niece» that can be used to accurately describe this familial relationship.