1. Not ever
2. At no time
3. On no occasion
4. Not in any way
5. Under no circumstances
6. Not in a million years
7. Not on any account
8. Not in the least
9. Not on your life
10. Not in a million years
11. Not at any time
12. Not for love or money
13. Not in a thousand years
14. Not on any condition
15. Not for all the tea in China
16. Not in the remotest
17. Not for the world
18. Not in a million years
19. Not by any means
20. Not in any degree
21. Not in the least
22. Not under any condition
23. Not at all
24. Not ever
25. In no way
26. Not for anything
27. Not for a minute
28. Not in any way
29. Not in the least
30. Not in the slightest

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