1. Grandnephews
2. Cousins
3. Male Descendants
4. Brothers
5. Offspring
6. Relatives
7. Progeny
8. Kinsmen
9. Stepbrothers
10. Siblings
11. Descendants
12. Juniors
13. Sons
14. Grandsons
15. Juniors
16. Kith
17. Male Heirs
18. Kin
19. Heirs
20. Kindred
21. Nepotic
22. Male Cousins
23. Male Lineage
24. Male Progeny
25. Male Relatives
26. Male Siblings
27. Male Successors
28. Male-line Descendants
29. Nepotic Descendants
30. Patrilineal Descendants

If you are looking for synonyms for the word “nephews”, there are many ideas to choose from. From grandnephews and cousins to male descendants and brothers, you can find the best words to describe your family members. Other words for “nephews” include offspring, relatives, progeny, kinsmen, stepbrothers, siblings, descendants, juniors, sons, grandsons, juniors, kith, male heirs, kin, heirs, kindred, nepotic, male cousins, male lineage, male progeny, male relatives, male siblings, male successors, male-line descendants, nepotic descendants, and patrilineal descendants. With so many options available, you can find the perfect word to convey the special relationship you have with your nephews.