Synonyms for NEPHEW:
1. Cousin
2. Grandson
3. Relative
4. Kinsman
5. Descendant
6. Heir
7. Scion
8. Stepchild
9. Offspring
10. Progeny
11. Issue
12. Kin
13. Brood
14. Lineage
15. Family
16. Junior
17. Nepos
18. Junior kinsman
19. Junior relative
20. Junior descendant
21. Junior issue
22. Junior progeny
23. Junior family
24. Junior brood
25. Junior line
26. Junior kin
27. Junior heir
28. Junior scion
29. Junior stepchild
30. Junior offspring

When looking for other words for the term «nephew,» there are many great ideas to explore. Synonyms such as «cousin,» «grandson,» and «relative» are all excellent alternatives to use when referring to a nephew. Other words such as «kinsman,» «descendant,» and «heir» can also be used when talking about a nephew. For the best ideas, it is important to consider the context of the discussion and the desired outcome. In addition to the previously mentioned synonyms, words such as «scion,» «issue,» and «progeny» can also be used to describe a nephew. By exploring the various synonyms for the term «nephew,» it is possible to find the best word to accurately describe the relationship.