1. Adjoining
2. Contiguous
3. Close
4. Adjacent
5. Nearby
6. Abutting
7. Connecting
8. Proximate
9. Fringing
10. Nigh
11. Co-extensive
12. Coextensive
13. Nefarious
14. Vicinal
15. Peripheral
16. Neighborly
17. Adjunct
18. Adjacent
19. Conterminous
20. Side-by-side
21. Side by side
22. Nigh
23. Nigh-by
24. Abreast
25. Abutting
26. Adjacent
27. Adjoining
28. Close
29. Connecting
30. Contiguous

When looking for other words for “neighboring”, there are a variety of options to choose from. Adjoining, contiguous, close, adjacent, nearby, abutting, connecting, proximate, fringing, nigh, co-extensive, coextensive, nefarious, vicinal, peripheral, neighborly, adjunct, adjacent, conterminous, side-by-side, nigh-by, abreast, abutting, adjacent, adjoining, close, connecting, and contiguous are all great synonyms for “neighboring”. These words can be used to describe anything that is in close proximity to another object or person. Whether you’re looking for the best word to describe two countries that border one another, two buildings that are side-by-side, or two friends that are nigh-by, these words can help you find the perfect phrase.