1. Essence
2. Being
3. Entity
4. Reality
5. Substance
6. Existence
7. Life
8. Character
9. Soul
10. Beingness
11. Quiddity
12. Identity
13. Individuality
14. Nature
15. Essence
16. Archetype
17. Specimen
18. Archetypal
19. Model
20. Paradigm
21. Exemplar
22. Prototype
23. Pattern
24. Embodiment
25. Constitution
26. Composition
27. Makeup
28. Anatomy
29. Physiognomy
30. Form

When searching for other words for the concept of «NAT», it is important to consider the best ideas available. Synonyms such as «essence», «being», «entity», «reality», «substance», and «existence» are all great alternatives to the word «nat». These words represent the idea of a fundamental element of something, and can be used to provide a more descriptive and accurate description of the concept. Other words such as «life», «character», «soul», and «beingness» offer a more nuanced understanding of the concept, allowing for a more precise understanding of the concept. Additionally, words such as «quiddity», «identity», «individuality», and «nature» provide a more philosophical look at the concept of «nat». Finally, words such as «archetype», «specimen», «archetypal», «model», «paradigm», «exemplar», «prototype», «pattern», «embodiment», «constitution», «composition», «makeup», «anatomy», «physiognomy», and «form» all provide a more concrete look at the concept of «nat». All of these synonyms are great ideas for when looking for an alternative to the word «nat».