1. Tales
2. Stories
3. Accounts
4. Histories
5. Anecdotes
6. Chronicles
7. Legends
8. Fables
9. Yarns
10. Mythology
11. Sagas
12. Recollections
13. Reports
14. Annals
15. Annals
16. Biography
17. Autobiography
18. Scripts
19. Novels
20. Memoirs
21. Epics
22. Diaries
23. Journals
24. Myths
25. Accounts
26. Narrations
27. Recitals
28. Allegories
29. Dialogues
30. Sketches

When looking for an alternative to the word «narratives», there are many options to choose from. Whether you are looking for the best ideas, or other words for narratives, you’ll find something that fits your needs. Synonyms for narratives include tales, stories, accounts, histories, anecdotes, chronicles, legends, fables, yarns, mythology, sagas, recollections, reports, annals, biographies, autobiographies, scripts, novels, memoirs, epics, diaries, journals, myths, narrations, recitals, allegories, dialogues, and sketches. All of these words are great options for when you need to find an alternative to the word «narratives».