1. Kenyan capital
2. NBO
3. Capital of Kenya
4. City of Nairobi
5. Nairobi City
6. East African metropolis
7. Kenyan metropolis
8. City of East Africa
9. Capital of East Africa
10. Nairobi metropolis
11. East African capital
12. East African hub
13. Nairobi hub
14. Kenyan hub
15. Nairobi County
16. Nairobi Province
17. Central Province
18. Nairobi region
19. Kenyan region
20. East African region
21. Nairobi municipality
22. Kenyan municipality
23. East African municipality
24. Nairobi area
25. Kenyan area
26. East African area
27. Nairobi district
28. Kenyan district
29. East African district
30. Nairobi Territory

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